There are so many different ways a client can find you and your listings online…  Wouldn’t it be nice to know where they came from, what they searched, and how long they stayed?  Knowing those bits of information could help you figure out what’s working best for your online presence.

Look no further than Google Webmaster Tools!

According to Jimmy Macklin at, “Google Webmaster Tools provides insight on keyword rankings, impressions, and CTRs… priceless for Realtors looking to optimize their sites.”  By using the tools that Google offers, you can optimize your site(s) to boost traffic.

To add and verify your site:

1)     Login to your Google Account (if you don’t have one already, you’ll need to create one).

2)     Find “Webmaster Tools” under “My Products.”

3)     Click “Add a site” and type the full URL for your site (e.g.

4)     Click continue; the site verification page will open.

5)     Select the desired verification method, then follow the prompts to complete.

6)     Repeat as necessary for each of your unique sites.

Once you’ve figured out what drives clients to your site, you can start creating content focused on what you consider your unique brand.  Create useful and memorable content that will help your clients connect with you, and you’ll find yourself connecting with more clients!