Technology in the handsWhile technology offers instant gratification and a fun distraction, the long-term results from the latest craze on everyone’s lips are likely to be slow if any.

In a recent Inman News website article, greater Seattle area broker Sam DeBord acknowledges the importance of tapping into technological advances when they can advance your business, but he also delivers a gentle warning : “The infatuation can create problems for our businesses when we allow the buzz of a popular medium to distract us from what we’re ultimately trying to do: sell more homes.”

When technology costs nothing but time, it’s tempting to engage. Before you do, consider these questions:

  • Is it bringing you leads, clients, sales?
  • Is it making you more productive, more efficient or more mobile?
  • Is it helping you create solid relationships or build brand identity?

Unless you can attest that technology and social media are driving sales and profits, they may be best as filler. Got a slow open house or a late client? Technology can fill spare minutes instead of consuming your day. While occasionally tedious, your time-tested strategies are where the money lies.

DeBord’s article mentions many agents who have dabbled in technology and become hooked only to return to the basics that net results: picking up the phone, calling past clients, knocking on doors, farming with mailers, meeting people through real-life connections and perfecting systems that have served them well for years.