Social media sites seem to dominate the online landscape these days. They’re an easy way to reach a mass amount of people, and now, more and more people are turning to Pinterest to share ideas. For real estate agents, it’s also a great way to gather leads.

Pinterest works like a virtual bulletin board where users can pin products and ideas they want to keep an eye on. It’s also one of the fastest growing websites on the internet. “Home” is the number one category with pins on the site, which is why so many real estate agents are turning their attention to Pinterest. Whereas people used to pull photos out of magazines, keeping things organized online is a more streamlined approach that is catching on like wildfire.

So, how can agents use Pinterest to their advantage? For one, this site is a great way to redirect web traffic back to your own site. If you’re a Pinterest user who takes an active approach, you can feasibly connect with the site’s 17.8 million users, some of whom could be potential buyers and sellers.

Prospective clients want to know that their real estate agent is human, and using social media sites like Pinterest is a great way to interject some of your own personality into a space that can often seem sales’y. Think of Pinterest as a relationship-building tool that can help drive conversations and also open up your real estate business to more people.

From home renovation projects to party planning tips, and much more, there are ways for you to push information to your followers that jives with the real estate industry. Did you see an amazing lamp at an online store? Or did you run across an article in Better Homes and Garden that would be a great way to help sellers stage their home? What about an Energy-Star appliance that will help them save money? Pin it; all of it!

Pinterest is an organizational tool that will help keep you and your clients talking. If you’re an agent or broker, you should absolutely dialogue in this space. Buying and selling homes is a huge decision, but forging a personal relationship will help people feel more comfortable about coming to you with their business.