Several weeks ago, I wrote about forgiveness and the belief that forgiveness and love can set you free and also shared some thoughts around people not being able to make you feel a certain way unless you allow them.

So, today, I wanted to expand on those ideas a bit further. When we feel like someone has hurt us or said something offensive, what if you could forgive them and love them for who they are instead of being angry and calling names? There may even be a level of empathy there too.

After all, they may have been born and grew up with a set of rules that just might be different than yours. As a matter of fact, I am sure that they are.

In the upcoming weeks, I have a challenge for you. Open your heart. Open it to others, even those you may have ill feelings towards, and let whatever negatively exists around those people or situations go.

Now, just an FYI, this takes a lot of practice, and it is much harder to do than saying it or writing about it. Like with most things in life, it will take practice, but it will also become easier once you’ve been practicing it for a while.

Personally, meditating about forgiveness daily makes this process a bit easier. It helps prepare me to go into the world with love and forgiveness in my heart, which helps me be unfuc*ablewith.

Life is good. – Jeff

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