iStock_000012652539XSmallReal estate agents know how important a focus on safety is, which is why safety should be a year-round concern. This includes your real estate office, anytime you’re working with clients and at home. If you’re looking for a better way to implement a REALTOR® safety strategy at your office, the National Association of REALTORS® has a bevy of tools and materials that will help get you started. Here’s an overview of some steps you might consider taking!

Make Safety a Year-Round Focus: First thing’s first! Safety should be a focus year-round, so make sure you’re making a consistent effort to bring it to your agents’ attention. NAR has a variety of different materials that you can use, like customizable forms, Action Plan Worksheets, wallet tip cards and more. If you’re looking for customizable items for your office, visit the REALTOR Team Store for safety-related items like keyring flashlights and more.

NAR Banner Art and Widget: Your website is probably the first place a potential client will look when they’re searching for an agent to help them buy or sell a home. Show them your commitment to safety by adding the NAR banner art and widget to your website, and link out to This will demonstrate your concern with safety and that you are taking steps to educate your agents.

Offer Weekly Safety Tips: Weekly safety tips are a great way to keep your agents and clients up-to-date with information. You can issue them on your blog or send them out as part of email marketing you already do. Ideally, you should customize and distribute about 12 safety articles each month, and they should be posted on your website so they’re easy to find.

Agent Training Sessions: Organization-wide training sessions are another great way to spread the word to your agents about safety. Generally, safety training takes about three hours, and you can either tackle everything at once or break it up into three, one-hour-long training sessions. You should also consider giving your agents and brokers the ability to study independently using NAR tools like videos and materials available online.

Sign-Up for NAR Safety Updates: To help keep agents and brokers focused on safety, NAR will issue regular updates directing users to their safety materials, offering  up new ideas, and more. Make sure you check the website regularly for updated information about safety that you can share with your agents and clients!