iStock_000012151715SmallWith a New Year comes new trends, and that goes for fashion, technology, automobiles and, of course, home design. Whether you’re thinking about buying a new home, or you’re planning to sell, blindly following trends can be dangerous. There are a multitude of things to consider when you’re talking about home design, including your lifestyle, budget and more. Here are some of the home design trends making waves in 2014!

Flooring: Flooring takes up the largest amount of real estate in your home, which is why it’s so important to make good choices. Sure, you might adore the look of a concrete floor, but is it functional for your lifestyle? Wood floors continue to reign supreme because they’re durable, easy to clean and appeal to a wide audience (note: this is important should you decide to sell). This year, reclaimed wood and wide planks are en vogue. The natural patina of reclaimed wood is gorgeous and works well with many design aesthetics, and it’s eco-friendly!

Hello Cabinet Drawers: One of the biggest pet peeves for avid home cooks is a lack of storage space for their never-ending array of gadgetry. If you’re thinking about a kitchen remodel, consider replacing lower cabinets with deep drawers. They make accessing your pots, pans and other items a snap, and in many cases, they can hold more thanks to organizational inserts that can help you customize your space.

Embracing Color: While it’s generally true that you should stick to a neutral palette if you’re trying to sell your home, many potential buyers are starting to embrace color. Bye-bye whites and beiges, and hello grays and blues. According to Mary Lawlor, manager of color marketing for Kelly-Moore Paints: “Lighter, fresher soft corals, shell colors, sea greens, lavenders, and misty blues” will take center stage this year. Of course, you don’t want to go overboard with color, and it should always be balanced with a healthy dose of neutrals to even things out.

Technology: For years, technology systems in homes have been evolving and reaching new heights. Controlling your heating and lighting from afar is commonplace these days, and buyers believe that a solid security system is one of the most important amenities they can have. In order to run all of these systems, many buyers are turning to wireless technology that is more cost effective.