Contract form on a deskAs the market has begun to shift, away from distressed properties and low inventory, the Real Estate Industry is going back to basics.

As part of our effort to go support you in this changing market, Glen Oaks Escrow encourages you to take advantage of our “Pre-Escrow” services for your listings.

When you list your property, let us know about it.  We can  help you avoid surprises when the property sells, by doing some preliminary escrow preparation.

We can order the preliminary title, and review it for vesting problems, liens and judgments, to give you and your seller a head’s up on any potential problems.  If you want, we can take it a step further, and have the title company run and clear a Statement of Information, if you provide one to us, completed by your seller.

We can investigate the requirements of the HOA for documents and statements, to avoid delays when escrow opens.

We can order the NHD report, which contains valuable details about things like Direct Assessments (Mello-Roos, etc.) that might be included in your seller’s property taxes, so that you can answer the questions of potential buyers.

We can assist you in placing seller’s coverage on a home warranty, if desired.

We can assist you in ordering a termite inspection report, so that the seller knows going in what the scope of repairs might be.  This strengthens your sellers ability to negotiate with a potential buyer, as it avoids costly surprises later.

Once we have the various items you designate in our pre-escrow file, we have the ability to give you more accurate net sheets when you are looking at offers with your seller.  It also enhances your ability to negotiate with a buyer’s agent for Glen Oaks Escrow to be the escrow holder.

Our pre-escrow opening form can be found here, and if you desire, you can also download the Statement of Information form, to add to your listing package.

We look forward to helping you and your client to have the most trouble free escrow experience possible, and our Pre-Escrow program is part of our services to help ensure that happens.

Cynthia Moller