Smartphones have seemingly taken over the world.  Everyone has one, as they make life on the go much easier.  By following some (or all) of the tips below, you can ensure a better mobile experience for you and your clients.



  • Keep it brief.   In the “old days” on the web, you could go long – everyone had pretty much the same size screen on their desk, but on mobile devices, lengthy paragraphs chew up bandwidth.  Pare it down and eliminate Flash.  Not only does Flash hog memory resources, it also isn’t compatible with many mobile devices.
  • Look at it from their perspective.  You probably don’t have every wireless device known to the free world… instead, use to evaluate your website’s appearance on mobile devices.  Not only can you check button sizes and try out your site’s searchability (to name a couple), it allows you a complete package to ensure a better mobile experience.
  • Stay safe.   If you ever felt you’ve been in danger in your surroundings, look no further than the “Real Alert” app.  It encompasses five crucial features, like automatic 911 dialing, GPS positioning, and hospital locations.
  • Track expenses on the go.  If your job keeps you on the road, you know the hassle of tracking receipts for your expenses.  Try the “Expensify” app instead of loading up your glovebox.  By using your smartphone’s camera, you can digitally track your receipts – and cut out the paper mess.
  • Track your mileage.  Another great app for those constantly on the go, “MileBug” lets you track mileage for one vehicle or more, while allowing you a convenient export function so you can move files seamlessly to your PC or laptop.
  • Interactive floor plans.  By using the “MagicPlan” app, you can create an interactive floor plan with from your smartphone.  It allows you to easily make measurements, and publish results to the web in a flash.
  • Track your prospects.  The “Open Home Pro” app allows you a tool to sign in clients at Open Houses, then immediately thank them by email with further details about the property, your other listings, and your contact info.  If the price on the house goes down or the house is still available, you can immediately notify all attendees of the change.

Not only will these tools help you stay organized, they can help you better serve your clients.