Inside Sales Manager

Lucas Pepi serves as the Inside Sales Manager for Pango Group and has been with the organization for over a decade.

He brings a vast amount of experience – both escrow and non-escrow related – to his role that has aided him in bringing an immense amount of value and growth to the organization. This includes working as a soccer coach, business development representative, Escrow Assistant, and Escrow Officer.

He has a clear understanding of how to manage a group of unique personalities with different value sets and motivations, and he is able to guide and encourage them to reach a common goal. His hands-on escrow background gives him an in-depth understanding of the intricacies of escrow and the industry, how to exceed client expectations, and successful ways to work with challenges proactively.

Lucas holds both a B.S. and MBA in Business with a concentration in Management. His education in this discipline has proved to be a valuable asset in managing the Internal Sales Team and leading his team with grace and kindness, encouragement, and training.

When Lucas isn’t busy leading his team and crushing goals, you can find him honing in on his woodworking skills and golfing.